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The Mansfield Public Library


The Mansfield Public Library was established in 1884. It is supported by tax dollars from the Town of Mansfield, donations from the Friends of the Library and some state aid. It is governed by a five member board of Trustees appointed by the Board of Selectmen and a member of SAILS, Inc., a cooperative system of public and school libraries in 60 communities.

Mission Statement

old_library_smThe mission of the Mansfield Public library is to serve the  informational, educational, recreational and cultural needs of the citizens of  Mansfield by:

  • maintaining and expanding its collection of popular materials
  • encouraging and facilitating lifelong learning and reading including  serving as a preschooler’s door to learning
  • supporting formal education with complementary programs addressing  diverse interests and needs for all age groups including the adult  independent learner
  • serving as a community activity center
  • maintaining reference services and a comprehensive collection of current  and historical materials pertaining to local government
  • promoting the free flow of all information, without censorship or bias,  through adherence to the American Library Association’s.

Board of Library Trustees

  • Nancy Breef-Pilz, Chairperson
  • Leonard Epstein
  • Jennifer Hill
  • Marianne Mackie
  • Jean Mallon

The Trustees meet once per month from September through June on the first Saturday of each month at 8 am at the Library. Trustees meetings are posted at the Mansfield Town Hall and open to the public as per the Open Meeting Law. Bill of Rights; and,  cooperating with other libraries and resource centers.

Professional Library Staff

  • Catherine Coyne, Library Director
  • Nina Hernandez Taylor, Head of Youth Services
  • Whitney Karen Brown, Head of Reference/YA Librarian
  • Kristen Lyle, Reference Librarian
  • Mary Plumer, Children’s/Reference Librarian

Library Policies

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