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Mansfield Public Library / Council on Aging
Guidelines for Groups Using the Meeting Room

Hours: Scheduling of the meeting room for day use:

* Monday – Friday, up to 3:30 PM is done through the COA Director.
Saturday is arranged through the Library Director.
* Scheduling for evening use Monday- Saturday, after 3:30 PM is
arranged through the Library Director.
* The availability will be determined in relation to scheduled COA
and Library meetings, programs and activities

Equipment: Extra chairs, screen, easel, chalkboard, VCR/TV, extension cords, piano key, and kitchen facilities excluding the steam table, are available.

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Board of Library Trustees/Council on Aging Board Policies: The use of the meeting room shall generally follow the precepts as outlined in the Library Bill of Rights and relevant interpretations. Specific rules as laid down by the Trustees are as follows:
1. Priority will be given to groups associated with either the Library or the Council on Aging. All other requests will be treated on a first come, first serve basis.
2. Custodial fees will not be levied if meeting begins while either the Library or COA are open for business. Fees will apply for those times the building is not scheduled for normal daily operation. This fee will cover the cost of custodial services which include and are limited to: opening and closing the building, removal of trash, placement of tables, chairs and other requested materials. This fee will correspond to the Town of Mansfield’s Public Works union contract overtime rates.
3. Fees will be waived for Library/COA associated meetings and other meetings with boards, staff and friends from the Library or COA in attendance.
4. The meeting room is available to local (Mansfield), non-profit groups and organizations and those sponsored by the Library or COA for meetings or programs of an educational, informational or cultural nature.
5. The room can be used by non-profit groups for any purpose. ALL MEETINGS AND PROGRAMS MUST BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND FREE OF CHARGE. No reserve seatings, selling of tickets, suggested donations or charges of any kind will be permitted. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF PRIVILEGES. The Library, the Council on Aging, the Friends of the Library and the Friends of the COA are exempt from this rule. Groups must follow the instructions of the Library or COA staff at all times in regard to the safe and orderly operation of the meeting room. If the group or an individual in attendance is not conducting himself or herself in an orderly manner, he or she may be asked to leave the premises. Attendance must be limited to the capacity of the meeting room (100.)
6. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the building. Refreshments may be served. Any furnishings moved by users must be returned to their original positions at the end of the meeting. Spills or other accidents requiring custodial attention must be reported immediately. Users are expected to control these situations as best they can until such time as proper maintenance can be provided. It is the responsibility of the individual in charge of the meeting to enforce the above regulations. During regular Library/COA hours it is also his or her responsibility to notify the Library/COA staff of the meeting’s conclusion in order that appropriate security measures can be undertaken. Groups using tables for arts and/or crafts must cover all tables. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE REGULATIONS AFTER TWO WARNINGS MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF PRIVILEGES FOR ONE YEAR.
7. Reservations must be made in advance, in person or by mail, by filling out an application form. An authorized representative of the group or organization must apply to either the director or assistant director of the Library for evening use or the director of the COA for day use. The individual signing the form will be responsible for the conduct of the group and the protection of Library/COA property. This person must arrive while the building is open and in sufficient time to receive orientation to the building closing procedures. Groups may reserve meeting space for no more two meetings a month for three consecutive months. Those wishing to extend this three month reservation may reapply by application one month prior to the requested meeting dates. Also, additional single week reservations may be made nor more than seven days prior to a date on which there has been no other reservation. (For example, a group might meet the first and third Saturday of the month. That group may book the fourth Saturday on the third Saturday if no other group has done so).
8. The Board of Library Trustees, the COA Board of Trustees, the Library Director and the COA Director have final authority concerning use of the meeting room and audio-visual equipment and reserve the right to refuse use of the facilities to meetings that might disrupt Library/COA services.
Applications shall be submitted in time for Library/COA consideration and approval prior to the date requested. The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the building does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by either the COA or Library Trustees.


Hours: Scheduling of the meeting room for day use, Monday – Saturday, up to 3:30 pm is done through the COA Director. Scheduling for evening use Monday- Saturday, after 3:30 pm is arranged through the Library Director. Users must be out of the meeting room by 10 minutes before library closing unless other arrangements have been made and instructions in closing the building have been received. The availability will be determined in relation to scheduled COA and Library meetings, programs and activities.


All furniture must be set up by the group and must be back in original positions after use of the meeting room. All supplies brought in such as food, napkins, towels, etc must be taken home including leftovers. Trash is to be taken with you.


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