Certuse Room Holdings

  • Mansfield High School yearbooks, from 1928 to present (although missing a few years)
  • “Historical Housing” files  – gives information (about the house and land) on old houses in town, by street address, (these are mostly houses registered with the Mansfield Historical Commission)
  • Mansfield Town Reports
  • Mansfield Street Listings
  • Various Mansfield Town Meeting warrants 
  • Books by local authors
  • Old photographs
  • Old town cemetery records (Ephraim Leonard/Deane Family/Drake Family/Mansfield Furnace Cemeteries, East Mansfield Cemetery, Happy Hollow Burial Ground, Morton Chapel Cemetery, Fisher Richardson Cemetery, Old Town Cemetery, Sweet Cemetery)
  • “All About Mansfield” (a booklet produced by The Norton-Mansfield League of Women Voters, 1980)
  • “Program for Old Home Week, July 28th – August 3rd, 1907” 
  • “Program of the 150th Anniversary of the Incorporation of Mansfield as a Town, August 23-26, 1925”
  • “Vital Records to 1850” (MA towns from Abington to Wrentham)
  • “New England Historical & Genealogical Register” (1953 – 1996)
  • Some family genealogy books (mostly from late 1800s to early 1900s)
  • “Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors of the Revolutionary War”
  • “Official Records of the Union & Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion”
  • “Massachusetts in the Army & Navy 1861 – 1865” (Vol. II only)
  • “Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, & Marines in the Civil War” (8 volumes & Index to Army Records)
  • “Battles & Leaders of the Civil War” (4 volumes)
  • “Adjutant General’s Reports” (1864 & 1865)
  • “History of Bristol County”
  • “Records of Massachusetts” (1630 – 1660)Other great historical documents, but not in Certuse Room:
  • Jennie Copeland’s Mansfield News articles in 3-ring binder called “Mansfield in other days” and her book “Every day but Sunday” which talks about the industries found in Mansfield in the early 1900s
  • Harry Chase’s 2 books (reprints of articles he wrote for the “Mansfield News” ):  “This old town: bringing Mansfield’s past to life: stories about Mansfield, Massachusetts” and “This old town revisited: bringing Mansfield’s past to life: more stories about Mansfield, Massachusetts”
  • Book titled “Mansfield” by Mansfield Historical Society members Kevin McNatt and Andrew Todesco  (it’s part of the “Images of America” series)
  • All issues of Mansfield News on microfilm back to the very first issue in 1873
  • DVD copies of Town committee meetings (School Committee, etc.)

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