Certuse Room Policy

The materials in this room are important to our library and valuable to our town’s historical record. Please take care when handling all materials. Listed below are guidelines for the use of this room and the materials stored within.

    • All patrons must sign in.
    • No food or drinks.
    • No pens. Pencils and scrap paper are available.
    • Many materials may not be photocopied including all photographs. Some materials may be photocopied at the discretion of the supervising librarian*
    • You may photograph materials*
    • Materials do not circulate and may not be removed from the room (except with the permission of the supervising librarian).
    • Please keep materials on the table while viewing them.
    • Please do not attempt to remove any paper clips, staples, tape, ties etc. from materials for any reason. Doing so may actually damage the item. Please bring concerns to the supervising librarian.
    • Please leave materials on the main table in the condition you received them.
    • Oversize bags (backpacks, briefcases) should be left outside of the door or with a staff member. If you chose not to follow this guideline, the library staff reserves the right to check bags brought into the Certuse Room.
    • The Certuse Room closes 15 minutes before the library closes. Please plan your research accordingly.We appreciate your cooperation in following the guidelines. Preserving and protecting these resources will allow them to available for years to come. Thank you.*The majority of materials in this room are in the public domain and may be reproduced. However, there are also materials that are currently restricted by Copyright. Determining the existence of Copyright or any other legal restrictions, as well as obtaining permission from the copyright holder, is solely the responsibility of the patron. The Mansfield Library assumes no responsibility for the misuse of Copyright material.

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