Museum Passes Rules

  • Only one pass per family per day.
  • Borrowers may pick up passes a day before the booked date, and may return them by noon the following day. In some instances they may be picked up two days early please ask. They are due back by noon the day following their use.
  • DO NOT RETURN PASSES IN THE BOOK DROP. THEY ARE SMALL AND MAY NOT BE FOUND. You may use the small pass return box after hours.
  • Passes may only be borrowed by adults over 18 with valid library cards. You must check the pass out with your library card. A child’s card will not be accepted. Fines over $10.00 must be paid before passes can be borrowed.
  • If you cannot use a pass for the day it is reserved, you must call the library and cancel (if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, you can do it from home!). Failure to cancel with 24 hours notice may result in loss of privileges for three months.
  • A FINE OF $5.00 PER DAY IS CHARGED FOR LATE PASSES. Patrons who are repeatedly late will no longer be allowed to borrow passes. If a pass is lost, the fee to replace it must be paid by the patron.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: You are sharing these passes with others. Please be considerate of others and return passes on time.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.