2022 Summer Library Program

The 2022 Summer Library Program, Oceans of Possibilities, officially begins for children, teens and adults, on June 28th!

We encourage patrons of all ages to come into the library to register!



Children (with the help of their caregivers) will have two ways to participate in Summer Reading.

1) Children can stop by the Youth Room and register by putting their name on a colorful paper fish and grab a BINGO board. For each activity completed, they will color in or X off the square. When they have completed 5 in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), stop by the YOUTH ROOM, show a staff member and they will get a GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE ticket. Continue filling out the BINGO sheet throughout the summer to earn as many Grand Prize Tickets as possible! Grand prizes will be drawn at the end of the summer reading program in August.

2) Weekly Raffles: Each week, children can visit the library and fill out a raffle ticket for every HOUR they have read that week (children 0 to 5 years old can fill out a raffle ticket for every 30 minutes read). Put the raffle ticket(s) into the bucket with their age bracket on it. Winners will be drawn every Monday. 

Children can participate in both the Bingo Grand Prize Raffle and the Weekly Raffles!

For teens (13 to 17 years) and adults (18 years and up), to participate in the Oceans of Possibilities Summer Library program, all they have to do is stop by the library, pick up a Book Bingo sheet and fill it out as they read this summer. For each activity completed, they will X off the square. When they get 5 in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), they can stop by the REFERENCE DESK and show a staff member to get a GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE ticket. 

They can fill out the whole book bingo board throughout the summer! The Grand Prizes will be drawn in August at the end of the Summer Reading program. 

For teens, we will also have weekly raffles! Every week that a teen comes in with their Book Bingo Sheet they will be entered into a weekly raffle that is separate from the Grand Prize Raffle! They will ALSO get free books AND a “Pirate Doubloon” scratch ticket! It is a WIN WIN summer for teens! All prizes for teens and adults can be picked up at the Reference Desk. 

Just a few of the amazing programs that the library has lined up for the summer include: 

Family Concert with Roger Tincknell, Ocean Jellyfish Painting with Sandy Churchill, Creative Writing for Teens with Sandra Churchill, Family Dance Party with the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Puppet Show with Leigh Baltzer, Dream Tale Puppets, Wayne Potash Concert, Waves, Sound + Light with the Children’s Museum of Easton, Craft Nights for Teens and Adults, Dyeing to Wear It With Rhonda Fazio, Cape Cod Lore With Don Wilding AND End of Summer After Hours Movie Night & Pirate Party – HOOK!! This summer is chock full of some really awesome programs, we can’t wait to see our community at the library! This summer is truly full of possibilities! Click HERE to find out what programs require registration!

The Oceans of Possibilities Summer Library Program runs from June 28th until August 19th.  


Teen Raffle Prize #1
Manatee Mug

Teen Raffle Prize #2
Rechargeable Clip on Reading Light

Teen Raffle Prize #3
Pierre the Penguin 
Crochet Kit

Teen Raffle Prize #4
Squishy Seal Pillow


Teen Raffle #5
$25 Gift Card 
Flannel Cow



Adult Raffle Prize #1
$30 Gift Card 
Fresh Catch

Adult Raffle Prize #2
$30 Gift Card

Cibo Matto

Adult Raffle Prize #3
$30 Gift Card
STRAND Salon & Spa

Adult Raffle Prize #4
Mug Warmer & mug

Adult Raffle Prize #5
Tote Bag & Books


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